One of MINDS’ objectives is to use its platform for publicizing ideas that we believe can make a useful contribution to the debate on Africa’s postcolonial challenges. This we will do by reproducing published and unpublished papers, parts of books and speeches whose authors give their permission for us to do that.

Through this process, we hope to generate important debates that will contribute towards the formulation of solutions to the developmental challenges that confront the continent. We shall endeavor to ‘publish’ a piece for debate once a month.

The first of these is the inauguration speech given by President Nyusi. The way he frames his speech, in many respects speaks to and challenges the way many Africans have experienced the nation state. African Heads of State have by and large, institutionalized states with at least two classes of citizens, the first class being those citizens who also happen to be members of the ruling party and the rest who chose other associations different from the ruling party having a defacto status of second-class citizens! If President Nyusi achieves what he has articulated, his approach would be a major departure from the two classes of citizenship experienced by most Africans to date.

For those who have not read it, you can view it here


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