Are you a media house or ad agency that is passionate about Africa’s cultural heritage and youth related programmes? Here is an opportunity to work with the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

We are seeking Creative partners (Communication companies, Media Houses and Advertising Agencies, graphic designers, communication professionals and creative artists) to support us in 2020 on a pro-bono basis on the MINDS Decennial Campaign to celebrate the 10th year of existence of our organisation.

Potential partners must:

  1. Have a keen interest in working on a social impact project
  2. Demonstrate alignment with MINDS values, mission and vision
  3. Have a base in Africa, most preferably in Johannesburg, South Africa
  4. Have advanced skillsets in public relations, creative storytelling and design, media relations, etc.


Scope of work:

  1. This is a request for pro-bono support that will be a great fit for agencies with a keen interest in exploring the NGO sector as a target market and working with a legacy brand that has a Pan-African presence
  2. The proposed campaign will run from January – December 2020, and the agency will only be required for implementation for flagship events around key dates during this period
  3. MINDS will in the future reserve first preference for any paid creative work requirements to the potential partner


Objectives for the campaign:

  1. Celebrate MINDS 10th anniversary
  2. Increase visibility of the MINDS brand and mandate amongst relevant stakeholders and the general public
  3. Map and present in a compelling manner the MINDS journey as well as the social impact achieved over the past decade


If you believe that this opportunity is aligned to your plans for 2020 or you have any questions, please send an email to Boipelo Mokgothu, Communications Officer at MINDS: by 03 February 2020.



The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) is a Pan-African think tank established in 2010. MINDS emerged out of the observation that development efforts in Africa have hitherto failed to meet expectations with respect to social, institutional and economic outcomes in comparison to other regions of the world. MINDS established on the central hypothesis that effective and sustainable development can only be achieved if development policies and practices are founded on the cultural heritage, value and knowledge systems and institutions of the people who are the subjects or beneficiaries of the development interventions.

MINDS’ mission is to provide a forum for dialogue, information dissemination and networking, underpinned by rigorous research on the different elements of African heritage, in order to shape policy and practice on governance, economic development and the evolution of African institutions. Our vision is to see African societies attain democracy, economic prosperity, social inclusiveness as well as their rightful place in the global community based on a keen self-awareness.





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