Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) will be hosting an Expert Meeting based on our pillar programme, The African Heritage Programme, on the 7th of June.

The African Programme aims at increasing attention and reflection on the imperative of situating ‘Africanness’ at the center of sustainable social, economic and political development in Africa.  This understanding will be used to shape the nature of development programmes and lead to better results relative to those achieved to date.

The discussion will be centered around the theme Africanness’ in African Heritage, Studies and Praxis’ and a group of experts will share their thoughts on the topic.


The experts include:

Prof. Muxe Nkondo

Mary Mbewe,

Mwayi Lusaka

Judith Sebetlela

Dr. Pindai Sithole

Puleng Lenka-Bula

Marcus Balintulo

The objective of the project is investigation and articulation of ‘Africanness’ as a strategic ideological positioning, defined by commitment to the ethics of social justice for the redress of the historical injustice of the dehumanisation of Africans and under-development of Africa.

The expected outcomes from this focus group meeting is to build up toward a regional workshop on the 25th June 2019 and to further concertise and operationalise the research into Africanness of African heritage studies and praxis.

See programme of the meeting below


African Heritage Expert Meeting Programme


Theme: ‘Africanness’ in African Heritage, Studies and Praxis’

Date: 07 June 2019


Time Items Facilitators
0830 – 0900 Registration All
0900 – 0915 Personal introductions with emphasis on one’s areas of expertise in African Heritage Studies All
0915 – 0925 Brief overview of Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) and National Heritage Council (NHC) MINDS & NHC
0925 – 0935 Presentation of the discussion theme Research Associate
0935 – 1000 Formulation of the problem statement (knowledge gap) on Africanness

MethodPlenary discussion

Research Associate
1030 – 1040 Formulation of Africanness thematic areas

MethodPlenary discussion

Research Associate
1040 – 1120 Articulation of research objectives on Africanness in line with the thematic areas identified

MethodGroup work and then plenary discussion

Research Associates and group leaders
1120 – 1300 Proposed research methodologies on the distinctives of Africans (identifiers for an African person) in with the objectives articulated

MethodGroup work and then plenary discussion

Research Associates and group leaders
1300 – 1400 Proposed budget and funding options

MethodPlenary discussion

Programme Manager
1400 – 1530 Research operational structure, modalities and timelines

MethodPlenary discussion

Research Associates
1530 – 1550 Summary of action points Research Associates
1550 – 1600 Closing remarks and vote of thanks MINDS & NHC

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