Ian Mashingaidze

Programme Director, MINDS

July 2018

For the past 32 years I have been working in the development management space, driven by my ambition to contribute towards sustainable and long-lasting solutions to the roadblocks of our continent’s growth that has garnered so much hope.  Despite considerable efforts, we are just not getting the tangible results and progress that meaningfully benefit all African men, women and children.

This has led me on my current quest to interrogate the African development paradigm, and question why or where we are getting it wrong. What should we be doing Better? What should we be doing Differently? Most importantly, which leaders, institutions and thinktanks are driving the critical conversations that we ought to be having to create the radical transformational change required to unlock the latent potential our continent is endowed with?

In this the centennial year of the birth of the iconic Nelson Mandela, I have been given an opportunity to lead The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) team as newly appointed Programme Director.  I am honoured to join this Africa-wide thinktank which provides an inclusive platform for dialogue, information dissemination and networking, and has programmes that are underpinned by rigorous research into all aspects of African Heritage. MINDS is best placed to help shape policies and practices on critical issues such as governance, integrated economic development and the evolution of African institutions that can unlock the continent’s latent potential.  The institution is buttressed by African leaders, innovators and stalwarts who serve on its Board of Trustees and Advisory Board, and those who act as Patrons.  This collective of leading and critical thinkers whose knowledge and vision of Africa makes MINDS a truly unique African led and African based think tank.

Concerted effort is required from institutions such as MINDS to interrogate current development paradigms and seek those rooted in our Africanness that can contribute to creating the Africa we want. Failure is not an option, as future generations will judge us harshly.

I am positive about what the future holds for our continent. A future rooted in our #Africanness, #Passion and #Purpose.  #JoinTheConversation!


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